How is single malt whiskey better than blended one?

Nov/22/2022 21:08:12

Single malt whiskey is made in a distillery using single malt, usually barley. It is known for its higher alcohol content than blends. As this leads to the misconception that they are lighter and more fragrant.

● Single malts use only barley, while blended whiskeys can be based on corn, rye, or even wheat. Mixing in different proportions creates a different taste of whiskey (blended).

● Blended whiskeys allow for cheaper grains and don't require the same amount of aging time. This allows distillers to produce blended whiskey faster and at a lower cost. As a result, there is a lot of demand for blended whiskey, but single malt has the advantage of clear taste.

How is vatting and blending differentiated? Well, most whiskey lovers imagine they are drinking single cask whiskey. In fact, whiskey is made in a distillery where different casks are combined to create the final blend. They might have been aged for different times and even come from casks that previously held different types of alcohol. But because they come from the same source, the producers have chosen whether we call it malt. Like for archie rose single malt whisky the process is more complex as they must rely on multiple independent sources to create the spirits. As a result, another single malt is exactly not alike.

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