Different types of Food in Kenya

Sep/06/2020 17:09:05

A photo of ugali, Sukuma week, beef stew and salad
Kenya is a country with several tribes with each having a traditional staple food. There are however common foods loved by most people if not all in the country. Most of these foods are easy to prepare in a few steps.
In this article, you will learn about Kenya's best foods that you can easily prepare at home. In restaurants, these foods are relatively cheap. Let's get started;

Ugali (Cornmeal Staple)

A list of Kenyan meals is incomplete without mentioning Ugali. This is regarded as the country's staple food.
It is prepared by adding cornmeal to already boiling water and mixed while adding cornmeal until it becomes dense. Ugali is served along with saucy stew, cooked vegetables in a normal meal.

Nyama Choma (Roast Meat)

Beef and Goat meat are the two common forms of Nyama Choma. This is a common delicacy for most gatherings. Preparing it is simple.
Roasting it over the grill is the best way to prepare it. Firstly prepare the grill over hot charcoal. Cut the meat into sizable pieces and toss them in oil. Spread them on skewers and your work will be just rotating it evenly for uniform roasting.
Nyama Choma is served with salad, Kachumbari, and ugali. Most people believe that after taking nyama choma, beer should follow and this has become a culture.

Kenyan Pilau

This is a common meal in the coast region of Kenya. Pilau is also served with Kachumbari (sliced onions and tomatoes). The main ingredients for this glorified meal are; rice, meat, cinnamon, cloves, cardamon, and cumin.
Pilau can be prepared with either beef or chicken. However, the beef type is normally preferred. The meal has started gaining popularity across the country. A trip to Kenya will be incomplete without tasting pilau.

Githeri (Corn and Beans)

This is basically corn kernels and boiled beans. Sometimes a little vegetable, especially cabbage, can be sprinkled on it. It can either be prepared using fresh and soft corn or dry and hard corn. When using soft corn, strong boiling is not required. For dry and hard corns, thorough boiling is required.
Beans and corn should be boiled separately before mixing them. Maize takes a little longer than the beans. If mixed together from the beginning, beans will get ready before corn which is not desired.

Matoke (Banana Stew)

Matoke originated from Uganda and has quickly spread across the country. It is relatively easy to prepare it within a short period.
The ingredients required include; Banana, tomatoes, chilies, onions, meat (optional), garlic, and some oil. After boiling with the ingredients, the banana turns into a thick sauce.

There are as many types of food as the tribes in Kenya but the above, are common across all the tribes. As long as you have the ingredients required, you can prepare the food yourself. For the sake of the first time impression, it is important to taste the one prepared by the experts before trying it yourself. The next time you visit Kenya, try any of this.

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